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My name is Rachel Li and I am currently a second year Game Design MFA candidate at New York University. Art has always been my passion and I practice art across different media. As an artist as well as a gamer, I wish to bring in the critical mindset we have when looking at contemporary visual arts, to the realm of video games-- an emerging creative medium that invokes issues of the contemporary era. Why do we seek immersion in a virtual space? How can the interactivity in games make it a persuasive tool? How do we tell stories and express ideas through spatial navigation and procedurality?  

Through my work I wish to explore those topics and witness how this new potential form of art unfolds in new exciting ways. Recently, I have been experimenting with:

  • how the spatial design of a virtual space can evoke certain kinds of emotion in a viewer/player.

  • how by using alternative controllers can expand old categories of gameplay experiences and introduce more innovative and inclusive ways of interaction between the virtual and physical world. 


I am currently open for work! 

Please reach me at with your feedback, comments or questions :)

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