Hot Pot For One

Hot Pot For One is a game about the bittersweet feeling of making hotpot at home for yourself.

Currently in development.

Collaboration: Qin Yin

Role: Designer, Programmer

Double R.

Double R. is a Walking Simulator game that attempts to capture the awkwardness and social anxieties introverts often encounter in their lives.

Collaboration: Tron Xie, Chenwei Jin, Rachel Wang

Role: Level Designer, Programmer

Annotation 2020-05-18 151703.png

A Day in the Museum

An level inspired by

The American Museum of Natural History.

Collaboration with Suyi Diao, Yiren Wang

Position: Level Designer, 3D Artist, Programmer

Vampire Simulation

An experimental VR game of a person transforming

into a vampire and catching its prey. 

Collaboration with Siyuan Qiu

Position: Level Designer, 3D Modeler


A first person walking simulator about a robot programmed to recycle trash on a deserted island and generate electricity to power the human city above.


Collaboration with Mary Georgescu

Position: Programmer, Level Designer