Hot Pot For One

A game about the bittersweet feeling of making hotpot at home for yourself. 


Double R.

Double R. is a Walking Simulator that attempts to capture the awkwardness and social anxieties introverts often encounter in their lives.

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A Day in the Museum

A short 3D level about meeting up with your friend in a natural history museum.

Vampire Simulation

Vampire Simulation is an experimental VR game of a person transforming into a vampire and catching its prey.

How To Be An Internet Celebrity

A visual novel about a newbie streamer who wishes to attract more viewers. Players help her gain popularity by making a series of choices and suggestions. 

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Oceanside is a first person walking simulator about a robot programmed to recycle trash on a deserted island and generate electricity to power the human city above. 

Moving Out

A local two-player game where players act as movers who need to collaboratively carry a mattress to their new apartment. Made in Global Game Jam 2019.

Clean Your Shit Up

Clean Your Shit Up is a 3D game made in Global Game Jam 2020 with the theme Repair. Inspired by people who love to keep their space clean.

Bug Attack

An action match-three game inspired by terrifying pests in common households. 

Your goal is to prevent bugs from reaching your cookie at the top of your screen before the time runs out. You kill bugs by matching three bugs of the same kind close to each other. 

Tools and Real-time Experiments.


Art Projects.

Red Yellow Blue

2018, Interactive Immersive Installation


This piece consists of three virtual scenes displayed in VR headsets placed in three separate spaces within the exhibition room. In each scene, the viewer is placed in specific locations--public bathroom, children's park, and hotel room, with a child. The seemingly childish and innocent but subtly eerie and sexual scenes confronts viewer to make an association usually perceived as shameful and prohibited--that of children with sexuality. 


2017, Interactive Immersive Installation

Collaboration with Nicole Wang, Runa Yu.

An attempt to examine the emerging culture of live-streaming and its potential entanglement with surveillance and the spectacle.

Hit & Run

2018, Interactive Installation

A two-player racing game in which players smash their paintings repeatedly to move their avatar and reach the finish line on the other side of the screen. By transforming viewers into players, this piece is an attempt to question the pre-existing notion of art and challenge the “proper” way of treating an artwork.

Welcome To Sandbox Town

2018, Interactive installation

Welcome To Sandbox Town is a playful experiment with viewer's established modes of behavior and thinking inside a contemporary art museum.

Emotion Recipe

2016, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word

Is our emotion a mysterious and magical thing that makes us humans different from other living things and inanimate objects? Or is it a simple product that can be made through a simple formula or step-by-step recipe? 

St. Agnes

2016, Microsoft Word, print on paper

A site-specific interactive journey based in the area around St.Agnes in Kreuzberg, Berlin. 


Other Works.

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Music Videos for PO8's 2020 EP

血钻 The Tragic West


Robot Revolt

-An Escape Room


Alternative Controllers

Directed and developed 3 music videos for this EP. Process includes concept and visual design, story-boarding, designing and rendering 3D scenes, creating 3D animations, and video editing. 

A Turing Test Escape the Room with roles for 4 players and an ending that requires the players to prove their humanity through empathy. A 7-person project for a class. 

Experiments with physical computing and alternative ways of interacting with the computer and the digital interface.



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Rachel Li is a game designer and new media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Always curious about how and why things work the way they do, she constantly seeks exciting ways to question boundaries and finds new forms of creative expression. Her work ranges from digital and analog games to VR/AR experiences, from interactive installations to alternative controllers. Outside of work, she grows green onions and reads about mythical creatures. 

Recently, Rachel has been experimenting with:

  • how the spatial design of a virtual space can evoke certain kinds of emotion in a viewer/player.

  • how by using alternative controllers can expand old categories of gameplay experiences and introduce more innovative and inclusive ways of interaction between the virtual and physical world.