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Rachel Li, Qin Yin
Based in Brooklyn, NY, USA
Release Date: 
April 2021
Platforms:  Steam
Regular Price:
USD 2.99

Fact Sheet

You are alone on a cold, Christmas night, stuck at home, in a foreign country. You get through it by cooking a hot dish intended for six people. Hot Pot For One is a game about the bitterness of lonely times, and the sweet comfort of food that keeps us going. It is inspired by our personal experience as international students living far away from your friends and family. 
  • a carefully-crafted, bittersweet story
  • Realistic looking food and high fidelity kitchen environment
  • more than 30 pieces of hand-drawn illustrations to be collected for multiple playthroughs
  • 10+ kind of food models, with cooking and eating animations
  • physics based first person mouse look with no movement
  • high quality sound effects and music


Official Steam Launch Trailer YouTube
Official Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "...A rare example of a game that goes for smaller, quieter emotions rather than grand themes – it’s the game equivalent of a poem or a short story, perhaps."
    - Ryan Lambie, Wireframe

  • "An endearing and thought-provoking little experience."
    - Rachael Brearton, indieHive

Hot Pot for One Credits

Rachel Li
Concept, Design, Programming, Writing

Qin Yin
Design, Writing, Art, Sound

Siyi Chen

Jingyu Sui




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