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Moving Out

Role: Level Designer, 3D Artist
Team: 2 total (1 programmer, 1 artist)
Time: 2 days
Tech: Unity, C#, Blender
Platform: PC 
A local two-player game where players act as movers who need to collaboratively carry a mattress to their new apartment. It is inspired by the exhausting experience of regularly moving in and out of apartments as a international student living in NYC. To more accurately capture the feeling, players need to physically carry a "mattress", a long cardboard box, and maneuver around obstacles together to avoid getting the mattress dirty.
  • Audience Choice Award at Global Game Jam 2019(NYU)  
  • (Runner-up) Best Game Design at Global Game Jam 2019(NYU)  
  • (Runner-up) Best Overall Game at Global Game Jam 2019(NYU)  



We used our phone as a gyroscope to measure the rotation and orientation of the mattress.

We managed to do so with the IOS app Sensor Data

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