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(Video Preview)
Red Yarn, Fur, Sand, Wall Paint, Chrome Box
Collaboration with Nicole Wang, Runa Yu
a relatively private space for viewers in the middle of an exhibition room lit in red that consists of a red chair facing an old-fashioned TV stacked on top of a pedestal painted in red, all of which placed on top of a white furry rug covered in red sand. On the TV screen one can see the real-time video of themselves captured by a webcam right on top of the TV. Viewers are allowed, but not instructed to enter the middle area and interact with the various elements in it. Distinct types of audio files such as the audio story of The Call of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft and racist jokes found on the internet are played and can be heard through the headphones. At the exit of the exhibition room,viewers see the exact same video capture of themselves a moment ago projected on a large flat screen television and find out that they are in a YouTube live broadcast the whole time, with people leaving public comments about their faces and actions.
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