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Real-time Experiments.


An experiment with render textures and portals in Unity3D. 

Platform: Unity3D, C#

The Invitation

A short VR experience investigating organic ways for players to interact with the world and progress through levels.

Platform: Unity3D, Oculus Rift

Cabinet Generator

A cabinet generator where you can customize dimensions, materials and knob styles. 

Platform: Unity3D, Blender, C#

Procedural Patterns

Procedural patterns created with render textures and camera movement



Platform: Unity3D, C#

Endless Terrain

Create meshes via C# script and generate new meshes procedurally according to player position



Platform: Unity3D, C#

Flocking Simulation

Simulating the behavior of flocks of birds with parameters to adjust their tendency to form clumps, align with each other, disperse, or to gather at the center. 

Platform: Unity3D, C#

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