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Red Yellow Blue

Interactive Immersive Installation
Google Cardboard, Unity, Audio, Wood, Fabric, Wooden Bench, Glowing stickers, Inflatable Float. 

This piece consists of three virtual scenes displayed in VR headsets placed in three separate spaces within the exhibition room. In each scene, the viewer is placed in specific locations--public bathroom, children's park, and hotel room, with a child...



Blue is placed in a corner between two large installations in the show. A blue light is shined onto the piece in contrast to the warm yellow lights used in rest of the gallery. The dolphin (part of another piece nearby) acts as a bridge between the two pieces as a shared symbol in different contexts.


Viewers experience the piece sitting on a wooden bench similar to the one inside the scene to enhance the immersion


A small segment of the storage space under a stage was separated out to better simulate the dark, comfortable, and private feeling of a hotel. Viewers' perspective is better aligned with the one given in the scene.

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