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Vampire Simulation

Role: Concept, Narrative, Level designer, 3D Artist
Team: 2 total (1 programmer, 1 artist)
Time: 2 months (in development)
Tech: Blender, Unreal Engine, Oculus VR
Platform: PC, Oculus
Vampire Simulation is an experimental VR game of a person transforming into a vampire and catching its prey. A medium-specific attempt on story-telling in VR. Mechanics such as displaying separate images for each eye or physically simulating stealth actions offers innovative approaches to VR narrative and gameplay.
Walkthrough Video Breakdown
0:04- Chapter 1 Mystery  Player navigate an unknown space as a human, controlling with a Oculus controller. Player understands the space by navigating and looking at various objects.
1:42-Chapter 2 Transformation Player gets trapped in a room, unable to move. They are then stabbed in one eye by a needle and were injected vampire blood. Player transforms into a vampire, who sees the room in an entirely different way. Here we experiment with the feeling of being given a different view for each eye, a mechanic specific to graphic display in VR. 
2:50Chapter 3 Stealth As a vampire, player now moves by slightly slanting their body to one side, a way of simulating the drifting of a ghost or supernatural creature. Player now tries to look for their first prey in a house. 
4:15- Right before the player can approach the girl in the yellow lit room, player encounters a sleeping wolf that blocks the way. Player must crouch and move slowly, or they will startle the wolf and get eaten. Here we experiment the potential of stealth in VR and play with the impact of different scales.  
5:12 Chapter 4 A Familiar Place Player returns to the first scene in the game, now seeing it through the eyes of the vampire. While certain questions are answers, more doubts arise. Where is this place? Who is the girl?We wish to leave the story open ended and initiate thought and imagination.

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