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Vampire Simulation
1.Vampire Simulation(Video Walkthrough)
VR game.
Position: Level designer, 3D Modeler.
An experimental game of a person transforming into a vampire and catching its prey. A medium-specific attempt on story-telling in VR. Mechanics such as displaying separate images for each eye or physically simulating stealth actions offers innovative approaches to VR narrative and gameplay.
I Hate You
2. I Hate You (Gameplay Video)
3D game with Unity.
Position: Game designer, Level designer
A 2-player LAN game made in Global Game Jam 2018 at NYC under the theme of Transmission. a Virus tries to transmit itself to a human heart before the white blood cell catches it. Players move by shouting into the microphone "I HATE YOUor "BEST GAME EVER", if recognized by the system. 
3. Space01 (Gameplay Video)
A series of spaces designed in Minecraft that experiments with player's perception and expectations of a space by contrasting in height, colors, and rearranging ordinary in-game scenes and characters in an unusual way, as well as using built-in qualities of items such as iron doors(only able to open with button) and a tamed dog sitting (suggesting the absence, and presence, of a person) to create a feeling of mystery and uncanniness.
4. Focus
Adobe Flash, Aftereffects
Inspired by the image seen in the auto refractometer. Reflecting upon the common phenomena of myopia in China and experimenting on the boundary between illusion and reality
Other Works
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